Five woven panels in Community Waiting area

Comfort Blankets Plangaidean Cofhurtachd

Woven Panels


Artist Mary Carol Souness
Medium Woven textile, Wool
Size Each 57cm x 108 cm
Date April 2007

What is comfort? What makes you feel good? These were the questions presented to five groups in the community. These blankets are their answers. The groups were Lochaber Action on Disability, The Drama group at the Angus Centre, Caol Lunch Club, Stewart Room at the Angus Centre and the Dementia support group at the Montrose Centre.

Mary Carol worked alongside five community groups to create the woven blankets using ideas generated through discussion and designing in collaboration with the participants. The five blankets are displayed in the community waiting area were many of the people who helped to create them will come to wait for appointments. The work is bright, colourful and cheerful and contain many images that work well together as a set and as individual pieces.



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