The Gathering An Trusadh

The Gathering


Artist Alistair Smyth
Medium Oil on canvas
Size 100cm x 120cm
Date April 2007

‘The Gathering’ refers to the local crofting custom of communal sheep herding. This can also be a very social occasion. The setting is a composite landscape. Everything in it exists locally. All recognisable characters either live in, or have links with the area.

The commissioned painting features many local people and provides an illustrative aspect to a traditional way of highland life. Housed within a waiting area, the intricacy of the subject enthralls the viewer who will search and find different details each time they visit the medical practice.


Late Night Session Ceilidh Oidhche

Late Night Session


Artist Andrew Sinclair
Medium Oil on Linen
Size 120cm x 160cm
Date 2007

This painting was inspired by the mood and atmosphere created at an informal music session, recreating this harmony and unity in paint was an important aspect of the finished look.

Andrew gathers inspiration from the wide variety of cultures and characters he meets both locally and abroad, currently working on a series of paintings based on local musicians. He was commissioned to create one of the local musician series for the waiting area within the health centre. His work captures the feeling of the music being played and the enjoyment of the participating musicians allowing the viewer to be part of the scene.


Aonach Dubh Aonach Dubh

Aonach Dubh


Artist Andrew Stewart
Medium Oil on Linen
Size 163cm x 120cm
Date 2007

In this painting of Glencoe the warmth in the foreground contrasts with the coolness of the background to give depth and harmony to the painting accentuating the effect of the evening light.

The painting Andrew was commissioned to create for the centre depicts a familiar local view where he has used intense light and shadow to allow the viewer to feel they are part of the scene. The colours are so intense that you feel you can reach out and touch the landscape depicted; this painting has had a profound effect on some patients waiting to consult their GP and has been used as part of their discussion.


Grandmothering Earth

Grandmothering Earth


Artist James McCallum
Medium Oil & mixed media on canvas
Size 100cm x 120cm
Date March 2007

A by-gone era before the introduction of modern drug based remedies and the availability of the local GP’s diagnosis. Recycling the holistic approach to care and healing as traditionally dealt out by the ‘Mother/Elder’ of the Highland family.

The painting commissioned for the centre uses colour, texture, imagery and text to depict a traditional scene of a Highland healer mixing remedies. This painting hangs in the foyer of the centre where it has been placed to combine with themes of other commissioned works and bring the concepts of healer and ancient health remedies to the centre users when they enter the building.


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