Lino Prints situated in Conference Room

Dr Archibald Cameron, Dr William Kennedy, Dr Su Sen

Lino Prints


Artist John Sutherland
Medium Linocut
Size 29x29cm
Date June 2007

The three lino prints created by John for the centre are bold yet intricate, telling the fascinating stories of two historical and one contemporary local GP. The artwork is hung in the health centre conference room. John also designed the logo which has been used for the Fort William Health Centre on all signage throughout the building.

Dr Archibald Cameron was doctor to the miners at Strontian, brother to Lochiel of the '45, and risked his life treating the wounded at Culloden. His actions led to him being beheaded in London. Dr William Kennedy was a highly respected doctor in Fort William, who, along with his family, was cursed by the witch of Leanachan. After treating the MacPhees on Quoich Island who had typhus, the young doctor contracted the disease and subsequently died. His two brothers also died as young men, fulfilling the witch’s curse. Three cairns were constructed for the brothers beside the Great Glen Cattle Ranch. Dr Su Sen worked in the Belford Hospital before joining the High Street (now Glen Mor) practice. He was awarded an MBE for services to the community. A great motivator and innovator, he has helped to upgrade the Caol beach and shore front area.



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