Interactive artwork in Community Children’s Waiting Area

Plants and Spirographs

Interactive Artwork


Artist Laura Kingswood
Medium Watercolour on paper (flowers) Ink on paper (spirographs)
Size Each 29cm x39 cm inside image
Date May 2007

A series of interactive artworks which patients can colour-in‚ whilst waiting for an appointment, helping to distract and alleviate anxiety. Flower & Spirograph designs explore hope, new life, renewal and repeated patterns from childhood and in nature.

In addition to the commissioned artwork, Laura undertook a project with Primary 4 pupils to create resin cast sculptures for the centre as part of the outreach project with local school groups. The commissioned artwork is interactive and fun for children waiting in the centre. The colouring-in activity has been very popular and has been used by centre staff working with their patients. Children have been leaving their completed activity sheets at the dentistry desk where a display has been created from these. Using the shapes and ideas developed in the original commissioned piece, Laura developed the idea to create the resin sculptures suspended and attached in the children’s waiting area. Created by P4 pupils, these objects are very popular with children visiting the centre.



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