Aluminium Void Sculpture

Cultar Culture

Central Void Sculpture


Artist {slight}
Medium Anodised and powder coated aluminium
Size 2 500mm x 2500mm x 3000m approx
Date June 2007
Construction and Installation Scott Associates Sculpture and Design

‘cultar’ is formed of a cluster of repeated components into a dynamic and energetic shape. The location in the central void gives two different viewing points. From below the shapes echo images of cells through microscopes, with the sky above as a backdrop; from the first floor it is seen as if a flock of birds,or leaves, caught in a gust of wind and frozen before the viewer.

{slight} were engaged with the public art project from the inception to help advise and support the steering committee with technical and design expertise. The concept of designing a sculptural piece for the lighting void came about through discussion and development of the whole project concept. The resulting artwork is striking in scale, perspective, colour and materials and lends a contemporary appeal to the central space within the building.


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